The game is up: police to lose ability to track criminals with 5G

The game is up: police to lose ability to track criminals with 5G

Such a warning was made by the Head of the European Police Agency Europol Catherine De Bolle.

Catherine De Bolle, Head of Europol, European Police Agency, has warned EU leaders that with the arrival of the 5G technology, law enforcement agencies would not be able to monitor telephone conversations of those suspected of crimes.

In this regard, she asked the authorities to increase funding for the technological support of security agencies and expand their powers to deal with technically savvy criminals. Now, according to De Bolle, the EU police do not have the technical means that can make the transition to 5G seamless, reports Reuters.

The Europol Head noted with regret that this situation also stemmed from the fact that law enforcement agencies got involved in the negotiations of technical companies and policymakers on the transition to 5G too late. Now, the authorities will have to accelerate search for ways to minimize damage to the police.

“The biggest risk is that we are not enough aware of the developments on a technological level and we have to be ahead on this,” said De Boll.

Europol was formed in 1998. The agency combats cross-border organized crime, terrorism and cybercrime in the EU.

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