Suspects of raping Russian woman in Barcelona released from custody: new abduction details

Suspects of raping Russian woman in Barcelona released from custody: new abduction details

The girl was abducted from the Nord station. For several days, she was drugged and raped in one of the abandoned houses.

In Barcelona, the police have released the suspects in the gang rape of a Russian girl, wrote the High Court of Catalonia in its official Twitter account. At the same time, representatives of justice noted that passports had been withdrawn from attackers and that they were forbidden to leave the country. They have to report to the police every week.

The results of DNA analyzes of victim's biological fluids and alleged rapists have not yet been obtained.

The day before, the 25-year-old girl from Russia was found on the wasteland with hematomas on her arms and legs. According to the victim, she slept on a bench at the Nord station, but unidentified persons forcibly took her to an abandoned house on a wasteland in the Poblenou area. Here she was kept on drugs for several days. The girl has been sexually abused. The Russian woman recalls details of the incident with difficulty. One day she was able to escape.

Before her abduction, she lived in Benidorm with her mother. There is no information yet on why she slept at the staton. 

During the three days of operational search activities, two citizens of Romania and a Spanish woman were detained. They were charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty, rape and injury. In connection with the incident the police are also looking for another person who is suspected of violence against a girl.

El Periodico pointed to the constantly changing testimony of the girl: at first she stated that she fell asleep at the station and woke up when the criminals dragged her to the wasteland, according to her new version, her phone was stolen, after that four men offered her help and she decided to go with them.

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