Special Service: children used as human shields by Atambaev

Special Service: children used as human shields by Atambaev

The Republic’s authorities state that the former President violated the Constitution of the country.

During the storm of a house of an ex-President of Kirghizia Almazbek Atambaev, his supporters used women and children as human shields. This has been told by the country’s State Committee for National Security.

The Committee noted that the Special Operations Forces used rubber bullets and special means, however fire weapon was used against them which is proved at least by the nature of the wounds they received.

“The fact that the captured Special Operations Forces officers were left by their colleagues is false,” the law enforcers added, having emphasized that the law enforcers who had been captured were cruelly beaten up.

The storm of Atambaev’s residence in a settlement of Koy-Tash took place on August 7. The Prosecutor-General's Office clarified that the politician had not appeared for three MIA interrogations. So, the law enforcers came to take him, but he violently resisted attempts to detain him. As a result, more than 50 persons got injuries.



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