Secret terrorist prison found in Syria 

Secret terrorist prison found in Syria
Photo: A still from the video

The Russian military have discovered cellars where Syrian terrorists trained their followers and executed prisoners.

In the Syrian town of Ain-Terma, the Russian military discovered the headquarters of the so-called moderate opposition, the al-Rahman Legion. The basement with both torture cells and luxurious rooms of the leader was shown to the reporters.

According to the military, the headquarters have existed for about five years. It has barracks, a kitchen and other household premises. Drugs and documentation evidencing the group’s recruiting activities were found in the luxuriously furnished rooms.

The files describe how torture – both moral and physical – was used to force people to join the Legion. According to Timofei, a military police officer, people were starved in the dungeons until they signed an obligation to join the ranks and agree to carry out terrorist acts.


The most adamant ones were mutilated, their arms could be chopped off, for example.

“The basement was a real hell and it was simply impossible to get out a mentally and physically healthy person,” said Timofei to REN TV.


People were held hostage in tiny cells, with an area of ​ a couple of square meters or less. They stuffed a dozen people in it, so that they could only be standing. The prison is going to be destroyed completely.



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