Russian man to return to his homeland after 30 years of slavery in Kazakhstan 

Russian man to return to his homeland after 30 years of slavery in Kazakhstan

The man came in search of money in the 90s, did not get a penny, and got trapped in slavery.

TV channels of Kazakhstan have showed a video about a Russian man with a difficult fate, Dmitry. In early 90s, before the collapse of the USSR, he went to work in Kazakhstan. According to him, he “passed from one boss to another.” At the same time, he did not get any cash.

“Everyone told me to work a little more, and then they would send me home and give me money to get there. But they just wouldn’t let me go,” the man who got trapped in slavery recalls.

At the same time, the Russian was so afraid of his “masters” that he did not dare to escape. According to him, no one paid him a dime for all these years; they just fed him and provided him with clothes.

The man was released by accident. Dmitry met his master’s neighbor Ruslan and told him about all his troubles. The man promised to help him.

The young man secretly got him out of the house and took him to the migration police. Kazakhstan police found his relatives in Russia. In Russia, he has children, brother and sister, and nephews.

At the same time, Dmitry’s son was looking for his father for years.

As soon as the man gets all the necessary documents, he will be able to return to his homeland.

The police of Kazakhstan do not report whether a criminal case will be instituted against the “slave owners,” who deprived the man of freedom for a huge part of his life. Dmitry himself does not want to file a complaint with the police, as he is afraid for his life. 

Video: Russian was kept in slavery in the Almaty region for 30 years

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