Russian man and his dog mysteriously die in Thailand 

Russian man and his dog mysteriously die in Thailand

Dead pit bull was lying by the bed of its deceased owner.

In Samui, Thailand, residents of one of the districts turned to the police because of an unpleasant odour coming from their neighbor’s house. When law enforcement officers opened the door, they found dead 51-year-old Russian and his dog.

Vyacheslav Kolbunov was lying on the bed in the bedroom of his two-story house. Next to him was a dead pit bull, one of his three dogs. Other dogs were in a street aviary at the time.


It is believed that the owner and his pet have been dead for more than a week, but forensic experts are to find out a more accurate date of their death. So far, no traces of violent death have been found.


During a search in the house, law enforcement officers found accessories for drug use, as well as glasses with suspicious brown liquid.

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The Russian had moved to the southeastern country more than 10 years ago and lived alone in this house all these years. His gardener was the closest to him; he has not yet been questioned.

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Late Vyacheslav Kolbunov

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