Russian business woman sentenced to hard labor in Kuwait

Russian business woman sentenced to hard labor in Kuwait

The businesswoman’s lawyer in court was the son of former US President George W. Bush.

A court in Kuwait sentenced Russian entrepreneur, managing director of KGLI, Maria Lazareva, to 15 years in prison and ordered her to do “hard labor,” finding her guilty of embezzlement of money from the Kuwaiti Port Authority, RIA Novosti reported. In the United States, Lazareva’s case was put on a par with the murder in the Saudi embassy in Turkey of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashogi. 

Together with another accused, her business partner Saido Dashti, Lazareva was ordered to pay a fine of more than $ 7 million, and also to return about $ 2.4 million. Lazareva will be deported from Kuwait only after serving the sentence.

The United States believes the charges against Russians are fabricated. In court, Lazareva was represented by lawyer Neil Bush, the son of American ex-president George W. Bush. The investigation charged Lazareva with embezzlement of Kuwait's Port Authority funds invested in The Port Fund investment fund managed by KGLI and the failure to complete the work on creating a port hub. The defense claims that The Port Fund returned the money with an approximately one hundred percent profit in February 2019.

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