Russian boxer dies in Thailand

Russian boxer dies in Thailand
Picture from the scene and the balcony from which the boxer fell

The man fell off a balcony in a Pattaya hotel.

The Russian died after falling from a hotel balcony in Thailand. He fell from the fourth floor. After the hotel staff found his body lying face down near the building, they called the rescuers. The man died from multiple injuries before the arrival of emergency personnel. It was found that the deceased man was a citizen of the Russian Federation.

According to neighbors, 35-year-old Aleksey Zabolotsky came to the country with a sporting goal; namely, to do boxing.

Pattaya Now reports that the day before his death, Zabolotsky had a roaring night. He was drinking alcohol in his room together with local friends. In the morning, he went out onto the balcony and suddenly fell off it.

So far, the police have not determined for sure whether it was an accident or a crime. Investigators have to study the recordings from surveillance cameras to learn what could have caused his death.

To recall, another Russian man has recently died in Thailand. In Samui, residents of one of the districts turned to the police because of an unpleasant odour coming from their neighbor’s house. When law enforcement officers opened the door, they found dead 51-year-old Russian and his dog. It was Vyacheslav Kolbunov, 51.

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