Russia on alert after mosquitos carrying deadly tropical disease infect 161 people

Russia on alert after mosquitos carrying deadly tropical disease infect 161 people

Epidemiologists warn Russians of a serious threat mosquitos pose after some 161 people were infected with hemorrhagic fever in Penza region.

The types of mosquitos that potentially can carry deadly diseases spread along the entire Black Sea coast and appeared in Crimea due to global warming.

According to epidemiologists, an epidemic could easily break out and spread to Central Russia, Izvestia newspaper writes. If such a mosquito bites at least one tourist, the disease can travel with him and start an epidemic wherever he lives.

“Carriers of tropical diseases, which should not appear in the north, migrate to areas with suitable temperature conditions. In Russia, they already multiplied in the south and are now moving to Central Russia,” said Alexander Lukashev, a leading researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the Martsinovsky Institute.

According to him, populations of two types of disease-carrying mosquitoes are easily distinguished from mosquitoes native to Russia. If an insect has bright white marks on its legs and a strip of the same color on its back or a spotted abdomen and black and white stipes on its legs, then its better to avoid the insect at all cost. These mosquitos can carry Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, and yellow fever. They also can carry filamentous worm larvae that cause serious damage to internal organs in humans and animals.

Earlier, wrote that an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS), or mouse fever, began in the Penza region. People get sick both in the city of Penza and in the region - outbreaks were noted in 13 districts. In just five months of 2019, 161 patients with fever were identified in the Penza region.



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