NXIVM sex cult leader found guilty of human trafficking

NXIVM sex cult leader found guilty of human trafficking
Photo: Keith Raniere / Facebook

He denied his guilt and declared his intention to appeal the decision.

The US jury found the leader of Nxivm organization, 58-year-old Keith Ranieri, guilty of extortion, fraud and human trafficking.

According to Associated Press, Ranieri was found guilty of all charges. He himself denies guilt and is going to appeal the decision. Ranieri’s final verdict is to be delivered on September 25 - he faces 15 years in prison.

Nxivm is a company that conducts self-development training. Authorities accused Nxium of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. It was reported that women who joined the organization were forced to have sex with the leader of the cult, they were also stigmatized with Ranieri's initials. Earlier, actress Allison Mack was arrested for involvement in the activities of Nxivm sect. The woman admitted that she was recruiting sex slaves. 

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