Mine explosion in Germany injures 2

Mine explosion in Germany injures 2

38 people were in the mine when the explosion occurred; they all have been saved.

Two people were injured in an explosion at the mine of GTS Grube Teutschenthal Sicherungs GmbH, with several dozen people currently sheltering underground. The news was reported Friday by the MDR television and radio company.

The explosion occurred in the Teutschenthal municipality of Saxony-Anhalt. 38 people were in the territory when the explosion occurred; two of them have been taken to the hospital. Initially, the media reported that those who stayed underground were unable to get out due to a blocked passage, but the operator of Geiger Unternehmensgruppe specified that they were all in "safe shelter". Rescuers are working on site; the cause of the explosion has not been established yet.

At 11:14 local time it was reported that firefighters had begun an operation to rescue the workers. Local police reported on Twitter at around 11:40 that all workers who had been in the shelter at a depth of 700 m have been rescued.

According to the company, about 100 people work at the Teutschenthal mine. Potash salts had been mined in this place for more than 80 years until 1982, when the mines were closed. It has stored mineral waste since the reconstruction, which had lasted 15 years.

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