Islamist killed in Berlin took part in Chechen war, his murderer detained

Islamist killed in Berlin took part in Chechen war, his murderer detained
Zelimkhan Khangoshvili

The murdered Islamist was a participant in the Chechen war and events in the Lopota Gorge.

Chechen Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a native of the Pankisi Gorge of Georgia, has been shot dead in the head in the German capital. This was reported by his fellow countrymen. German police have not yet revealed the identity of the murderer.

Berlin police detained the suspect after a large-scale operation.

The first attempt on an Islamist supporter Khangoshvili took place in Tbilisi in May 2015. He was wounded, but quickly recovered.

In addition, there was an attempt to poison the Kisti Chechen in 2009.

Umar Idigov, head of the Georgian Caucasus Integration Fund, told the press that Khangoshvili was popular among residents of his native Pankisi Gorge, as he participated in the second Chechen campaign and the events that took place in the Lopota Gorge in August 2012. To recall, an anti-terrorist special operation of Georgian law enforcement officers took place near the Georgian-Dagestan border. As a result, 2 employees of the special forces, 1 military doctor and 7 soldiers were killed. The operation near the village of Lapankuri, Telavi district, began late at night on August 28, 2012. As the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported, the day before, 5 men, who got lost on August 25, were abducted from the Lapankur forest. According to the MIA, an armed group crossed the Georgian border and took the young people hostage. On August 29, 2012, it was announced that an armed group from Dagestan had been discovered in the Lopota Gorge. It included Chechens who received refugee status in Western countries. During the special operation in the vicinity of the village of Lapankuri, civilians were released, while three commandos were killed and five were injured. Law enforcement officers eliminated 11 saboteurs and surrounded 6 of them.  Immediately after some details about the special operation became known, Georgian experts said that it could have been staged.

Earlier, Berlin police reported that a cyclist shot a man in the Moabit area; a witness told the details.



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