Malaysia Prime Minister threatens EU with purchase of Russian aircrafts

Malaysia Prime Minister threatens EU with purchase of Russian aircrafts
Mahathir Mohamad Photo: RBC

Mahathir Mohamad warned that Airbus may suffer due to Europeans' refusal to buy Malaysian palm oil.

During a business forum in Bangkok, Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that if the EU continues the policy of restrictions, then his country can take retaliatory measures and limit the import of products from the European Union. A video of the speech is published on the prime minister’s official page on Facebook. 

The dissatisfaction of the head of government was caused by Brussels' attempt to boycott the purchase of palm oil from Malaysia on the pretext that the production of this product leads to the cutting down of the jungle and the death of rare animals and plants. 

“If you cut back palm oil supplies from Malaysia, we will cut back imports from Europe. You don't want to buy palm oil from Indonesia or Malaysia? Well, and we won’t buy Airbus aircrafts. We’d rather buy some Russian planes or something like that,” the Malaysian prime minister said, drawing laughter from the audience.

“We will do as Mr. Trump does. He is not the most pleasant person, but sometimes you can draw something from not the most pleasant people,” Mahathir added.

According to the head of Malaysian government, it is necessary to speak harshly with the European Union, demonstrating the strength that the countries of Southeast Asia possess. “We must demonstrate that we can respond if they insult us. And they need to understand this,” he said. 

He also suggested that the policy of restrictions is associated with a changed balance of power. Previously, as the prime minister recalled, the West supplied goods to Southeast Asia and received raw materials in return. The current situation is that Asia has advanced technologies, and the West may be at a standstill. 

Only one third of the fleet of the main Malaysian carrier – Malaysia Airlines – consists of European Airbus. Most of the liners purchased by the company are produced by Boeing.

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