Lavrov: 66 women and 30 children from Russia held in Iraqi prisons

Lavrov: 66 women and 30 children from Russia held in Iraqi prisons
Photo: Ammar Karim / AFP

Russia is monitoring the situation.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the newspaper. Argumenty i Fakty that Russia is monitoring the situation of women and children who are placed in Iraqi prisons on various charges.

“We managed to return 90 children home. According to our data, about 30 children remain in Iraq. We plan to ship them home in the coming months. Unfortunately, the situation with mothers is more complicated - they are all convicted for violations of Iraqi laws: illegal border crossing, illegal stay in the territory of the country, participation in terrorist activities. There are 66 Russian citizens. The Russian Embassy in Baghdad monitors the situation with the detainees and provides them with the necessary assistance,” said Lavrov.

The Minister recalled that the study of the issue of a humanitarian operation to return underage citizens to Russia from Iraq began in the autumn of 2017 when the Iraqi authorities received information about the detention of Russian women with children during the anti-terrorist operation in Mosul.

“In prisons, Russian specialists carried out the collection of biomaterials of children and mothers for DNA research to establish kinship. At the same time, there was a search for relatives, on which decisions on guardianship were drawn up. The decisions of the Central Court of Baghdad to return the children were given,” the Foreign Minister noted.



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