Kremlin justifies violent methods used by riot police against civilians

Kremlin justifies violent methods used by riot police against civilians
Photo: Reuters

Moscow believes that the violent response police had to protests is justified, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists that even though excessive use of force by police is unacceptable, it is still justified in cases of civilian unrest, according to TASS.

"We believe that it is absolutely unacceptable when there is disproportionate use of force by the representatives of authorities and believe it is absolutely justified when law enforcement agencies take tough actions in order to curb civil disorder," the spokesman said.

Russia’s government pays attention to all police brutality cases, according Peskov, and investigates every incident.

"We take note of all reports about such incidents, internal probes are conducted into all of them," he said. "We also take note of incidents when law enforcement officers have to face disobedience and violence, which is unacceptable," he noted.

Kremlin does not believe that the latest string of protests in Moscow are a sign of a political crisis.

"We disagree with those who call the events a political crisis," the spokesman said, adding that "it is not a crisis. Protests happen in many countries around the world. They concern concrete issues. Protest demonstrations occur in European capitals and around the world."

Not all government officials believe, that police violence during the protests was justified. Earlier, Vyacheslav Markhaev, a Buryat senator from the Irkutsk region and the former head of the republic’s riot police, called the actions of security forces in Moscow protests “unlawful and unprofessional” in his Instagram post.



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