Israeli PM accused of bribing media and bribery

Israeli PM accused of bribing media and bribery

The Attorney General intends to deprive Netanyahu of immunity.

The Israeli Prosecutor General’s Office charged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with corruption and announced its intention to ask the country's legislature to deprive the bribe-taker of immunity status, Reuters reports. Netanyahu called the prosecution a “witch hunt.”  

The Israeli prime minister was accused of receiving gifts from a number of entrepreneurs in the amount of about $ 300,000, as well as bribing some media outlets. In particular, Bezek broadcasted positively on Netanyahu’s activities for unnamed services to its controlling shareholder Shaul Yelovich. The businessman is also charged with corruption, the Kan radio station reports. According to the investigators, the newspaper Yediot Ahronot also participated in the premiere’s PR after he promised the owner of the publication, Arnon Moses, to eliminate a competitor.



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