Iranian authorities promise to release detained Russian journalist

Iranian authorities promise to release detained Russian journalist
Yulia Yuzik Photo: RBC

Journalist Yulia Yuzik was detained in Tehran on suspicion of espionage, after which she was deprived of her passport. The Russian embassy said that the Iranian authorities have not yet contacted them.

The Russian journalist Yuliya Yuzik, who was detained in Tehran, will soon be released – she was asked to give law enforcement officers a “number of explanations,” RIA Novosti reported, referring to the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi. 

“She was detained to give a number of explanations, she will soon be released,” the diplomat said. 

“The Iranian authorities have not yet contacted the embassy,” Andrey Ganenko, spokesman for the Russian embassy in Iran, told RBC

Yuzik was detained yesterday, on October 3, and accused of collaborating with Israeli intelligence agencies. Her ex-husband, Boris Wojciechowski, said that this happened a few days after her arrival in Iran and that upon arrival she had already been deprived of her passport. According to the spokesman of the Russian embassy in Tehran, Yuzik flew to Tehran on September 29 by private invitation, and on October 2 she was arrested at the hotel.

After that, the Russian embassy in Iran asked Russian journalists to notify diplomats about trips to Iran “due to the difficult domestic political situation.” 

Yulia Yuzik, according to her ex-spouse, has worked as a freelancer in recent years, collaborated with several publications, including the GQ magazine, and also worked as a correspondent in Tehran at a local publishing house.

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