Info on Russian who died in US shortly after he had been released from prison revealed 

Info on Russian who died in US shortly after he had been released from prison revealed
Aleksey Meshkov Photo: REN TV

Aleksey Meshkov left for the United States in 2016.

41-year-old native of the Chelyabinsk region Aleksey Meshkov died in the U.S. on the third day after he was released from prison. Family of the Russian state that he was innocent and that he was bullied in the American prison. Aleksey’s relatives assume that the solitary confinement ruined his health. Meshkov’s relatives have to pay $11 thousand in order for his body be returned to the motherland.

The left for the United States in 2016. Before that, he moved from the Chelyabinsk region to Sochi where he worked at the construction facility. After that, he decided to set off for the U.S. in search of money. He started working as a truck driver there and earn well. After a while, he decided to bring his son and spouse to the U.S. However, the long-distance relationship with his wife did not go well, and they decided to divorce. However, Aleksey continued helping his family. The relatives learned much later about what had happened to him in the U.S. The Russian told about his issues to his father only. The latter kept this information secret. Aleksey’s sister Nina Kolenechenko told that her brother had gone missing suddenly.

“There was allegedly a conflict with his employer; one thing led to another; the employer called the police, and Aleksey was arrested,” 74.RU quotes her as saying. 


All Meshkov’s papers were at his lawyer’s then. On December 1, 2018, he was going to have a flight to Russia to work on some papers. A week before his flight, he got in prison and spent 7 months there. Nina says Aleksey was detained illegally and not being released due to the lack of the documents.

“When he was in the federal prison, he tried to prove that he had been innocent. When he was trying to prove that, he was sent to the solitary confinement which is the most cruel what they have within their system. He spent 3 out of 7 months in the solitary confinement,” Kolenechenko said. 


When the Russian was released, he was given 2 days to leave the country for Russia. However, he did not manage to leave the U.S. within 2 days, as his lawyer with all the papers was in another state. Aleksey found himself in a prison again - in a migration prison. He was released in October. Meshkov’s friend took him home. He told Aleksey’s sister that her brother looked like 10 years older after all that time. “He was going to start working. He slept the first day, brushed himself up more or less. The next day, he woke up, went to a living room where Aleksey was sleeping. He said to him: Lyosha! Lyosha! But Aleksey was not moving,” Nina recalls.

His friend called the ambulance. Paramedics tried to reanimate him for 30 minutes, but did not manage to save his life. What exactly caused the death of Aleksey is unknown, so far. All the forensics will arrive in 3 months only. At the present time, his dead body is in Chikago’s mortuary. Meshkov’s family was given a month to get his body from the country. However, amount worth $11 thousand is unliftable for his family. The web portal notes that it would be cheaper to deliver his dead body in a closed coffin to Russia. But Meshkov’s relatives want to be sure about the fact that they would see him - and not anyone else - to his final journey. So, they decided to get a loan and started asking for help on social networks.



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