Gunman takes 37 people on bus hostage in Rio de Janeiro

Gunman takes 37 people on bus hostage in Rio de Janeiro

The incident occurred on the Rio-Niterói Bridge, the longest bridge in the Southern hemisphere, which connects Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.

A masked and armed man took a public bus full of passengers hostage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, threatening to set everyone on fire, Correio Braziliense reports.

The Federal Highway Police spent hours on negotiations with the man, however, he made no specific demands, only claimed to be a military police officer and threatened to kill everyone with fire. The gunman was eventually shot and arrested by law enforcement officers.

"A man who identified himself as a military policeman stopped a Galo Branco bus on the Rio-Niterói Bridge. He is threatening to set the bus on fire, putting passengers at risk. We are in negotiations with him to free more hostages; we don't know what his real motive is", according to Sheila Sena, a spokeswoman for the Federal Road Police.

Some 37 people were held hostage since around 5:30 am. The hijacker released six people during the standoff with authorities before being shot and arrested.

One of the hostages, Hans Moreno, told TV Globo that the man was “very calm” and not at all aggressive.



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