Georgian TV journalist who bad-mouthed Putin fired from channel

Georgian TV journalist who bad-mouthed Putin fired from channel
George Gabunia

The new owner of the TV company decided to change the editorial policy and staff.

The host of the Post Scriptum program on the Georgian Rustavi 2 TV channel, George Gabunia, who insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin on air, was fired along with a number of colleagues who were considered the main figures of the TV company. The decision was made by the owners, who decided to change the channel’s editorial policy, Kommersant reported.

The head of the TV channel’s information service, Nodar Meladze, and the host of the Accents of the Week talk show, Yekaterina Kvesitadze, who was called “line guides” of ex-Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, were fired. In mid-July, the television company terminated the contract with its CEO, Nikoloz Guararamia, who became famous for his promise to urinate in wine exported to Russia. 

It is to be recalled that from mid-July, Rustavi-2 has been owned by the entrepreneur Kibar Halvashi. Prior to this, the television company was considered the mouthpiece of Saakashvili and his party, the United National Movement.



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