Georgian TV host Gabunia explains why he bad-mouthed Putin

Georgian TV host Gabunia explains why he bad-mouthed Putin
Georgy Gabunia

The journalist resumed hosting his show on the new channel launched by the ex-CEO of Rustavi 2.

Georgian TV host Georgy Gabunia, who is known for scolding the President of the Russian Federation during on his show, explained why he did that at his new workplace – the channel launched by the former Rustavi 2 CEO Nikolaz Gvarami. Gabunia considers Vladimir Putin “the enemy of Georgia” and “does not want to be a coward.” 

“Putin should know that we will not be Russia, that the Georgian Dream (the ruling party - Ed.) does not represent all of Georgia. I want to be free,” Gabunia said on the air of Post Factum on the Mtavari Arkhi channel. 

According to Gabunia, Russia has been destroying Georgia for centuries, and now the Georgian leadership is also helping him. The journalist said that he was ashamed to live in a country whose borders often change and which does not protect its citizens. The party Georgian Dream indulges the “invaders,” Gabunia said.

The scandal on the Rustavi 2 TV channel show occurred on July 7. After that, the owner of the television company changed, and Gabunia and his boss Gvaramia were fired. Before the scandal, Rustavi 2 was considered the mouthpiece of ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili.



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