FBI confirms most prolific serial killer

FBI confirms most prolific serial killer
Samuel Little

He is a serial killer Samuel Little who confessed to 93 crimes.

The FBI says Samuel Little who confessed to 93 crimes is “the most prolific serial killer” in the history of the United States, reports The New York Post.

Little was active between 1970 and 2005 and arrested in 2012. Initially, he insisted on his innocence, but in November, 2018, he unexpectedly confessed to nearly 100 crimes. Investigators have verified his involvement in only 50 crimes. The rest 43 stories told by the serial killer are reported to seem to be credible, as well. As for 34 of these 43, Little indicated the victims’ age, skin color, district and time where and when the murder had been committed. Before that, the crimes had been considered unsolved.

Most of his victims were women. He strangled them. For many years, the criminal believed he would not be caught as he thought no one was accounting for his victims. He was caught in 2012 in a homeless shelter. DNA expertise proved his guilt. Before 1975, Little had been arrested 26 times in the territory of 11 states of the US.

In 2014, Little was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. As of 2016, Little is serving his sentence in a prison located in California’s Lancaster.

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