Father of Russian boy found in Poland took leave to kill son 

Father of Russian boy found in Poland took leave to kill son
Boy's father

Local law enforcement agencies have restored the tragedy.

The drama in Poland is over. The body of a Russian citizen, 5-year-old David Zhukovsky, who was kidnapped in the Polish town of Grodzisk-Mazovtsy, was found, albeit not at the local cemetery, as stated by the well-known Polish psychic Krzysztof Jackowski. But the outcome is tragic: the father killed the baby and committed suicide. MK spoke in detail about this terrible story. The boy’s mother wrote a statement to the Prosecutor’s Office, and his father, Pavel Zhukovsky, who committed suicide, took leave to make a plan of revenge.

According to Polish editions, problems in the Zhukovsky family began at least a month before the tragic events. The point of no return was the gambling debt. Friends of the men told reporters that he had a deficit of 200 thousand zlotys (3.3 million rubles).

The family faced scandals, the result of which was a statement to the Prosecutor's Office from David’s mother, a citizen of Russia. The woman complained of “psychological abuse.” However, the threat to the life of David was not mentioned in the statement.

Former spouses began to discuss the divorce. According to unofficial information, the woman planned to deprive the man of the rights to her son. It is possible that the question of paternity was morbid for the father of the child. It is known that, due to domestic violence, his previous wife, a citizen of Ukraine, left him with his daughter.

According to local media, a week after the break, Pavel Zhukovsky took time off from work. The law enforcement agencies believe that all two weeks, the man was carrying out a plan of revenge, which could include the kidnapping of the boy.


Also, it became known why the mother did not apply to the police immediately (by agreement, Paul had to take the son to his ex-wife to Warsaw). As the woman explained, the husband was rather undisciplined, and more than once brought the child late. A mutilated corpse of the ex-husband was found at a railway crossing.

By the way, the police do not exclude that a man could still use drugs. Now forensic experts are conducting research. However, most likely, no new examinations will be appointed: the body of the person who committed suicide was given to relatives, and those modestly buried him in a local cemetery.

The local celebrity, the clairvoyant Krzysztof Yatskovsky, who had repeatedly successfully helped the police in their search for people, suggested that the baby’s body should be searched for at the cemetery. According to him, the dead man was quite religious and specially came to the churchyard. The clairvoyant suggested that a man could kill the child in a car and then carry the body to a cemetery to hide under the plates, or threw it into one of the garbage cans near the churchyard. Besides, the medium told that the man killed the child in the car near the cemetery and then drove to the nearest reservoir.

The police didn’t disclose where the corpse was found - it was reported that it was somewhere near the highway connecting Grodzisk-Mazowiecki and Warsaw. The boy was wearing the same clothes as during the abduction.

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