Dagestani thwart large robbery by Georgian mafia, OCG member killed 

Dagestani thwart large robbery by Georgian mafia, OCG member killed
The raiders were caught on video Photo: Still from the video

One of the men shot the leader of the attackers.

Two natives of Dagestan have repulsed the attack of Georgian robbers on the office of cargo transportation company Cargo-Express in Istanbul, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. One of the men, Israfil Isakov, has shot the leader of the attackers. Isakov’s father was wounded during the robbery and was hospitalized.

According to the Isakovs’ family friend, they came to the office of the company to send Israfil's sister money for study at the Moscow Medical Academy. Khadzhiyasulav Isakov knew the owner of the company, also a native of Dagestan. 

When the Isakovs were chatting with a representative of the company, three robbers with pistols broke into the office. They aimed their weapons at people and demanded them to get down on their knees, but the elder Isakov did not obey the request and tried to knock the weapon out of the hands of one of the intruders. A fight ensued, during which the man was wounded in the abdomen. 

His son intervened in the conflict and injured the leader, 56-year-old Tengiz Pkhakadze, with a knife seized from the robbers. After that, the criminals run out of the office. Israfil Isakov grabbed a pistol lying on the floor and went after them. He was joined by a security guard of the hotel, where the Cargo-Express office was located. Together, they got into a shootout with bandits. Isakov shot Pkhakadze, and two other robbers managed to escape. 

Khadzhiyasulav Isakov was hospitalized with injuries of the kidneys and abdomen. At the moment, his life is out of danger. The police got a protection detail on his hospital ward for fear of reprisal on that part of Georgian mafia: the dead Pkhakadze was a member of a criminal gang. 

Israfil Isakov was detained. At the moment, a preventive measure is being elected for him. If the prosecutor's office decides that he has exceeded the limits of permissible self-defense, he will face imprisonment. 

Video: Russian injured in a shootout with Georgian robbers in Istanbul



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