Czech counterintelligence head tells about network created by FSB

Czech counterintelligence head tells about network created by FSB
Michal Koudelka Photo: TASS

The BIS head told deputies of the Czech parliament that a network of Russians was operating throughout Prague.

The head of the Czech Security and Information Service (BIS), Michal Koudelka, said that in 2018, his agency revealed a network created in the country by the Russian FSB, iDNES writes.

According to Koudelka, the activities of the Russian special services were discontinued. Koudelka’s spokesman told reporters that he could not give specifics since the investigation has not yet been completed. 

Full information, if all circumstances are established, can be included in the BIS annual report for 2018, which will be considered by the parliamentary commission on October 24.

For the first time, the Czech secret services announced the disclosure of a network of Russian undercover agents in December 2018. Then, Prague also did not give comments, but the publication Respekt, citing its sources, reported that a group of Russian agents created in Prague a network of private companies selling computers and software.

They received equipment for work through diplomatic channels, then they used it to organize cyber-attacks. 

Ondrej Kundra, the author of the journalistic investigation, claims that the agents were able to work for more than two years, and most of this time they were monitored by the Czech special services. The hackers allegedly reported to Russian counterintelligence, a division of the FSB. But Kundra does not exclude that the members of the group were part of a much larger structure that acted and, possibly, continues to operate in Europe, and possibly in other parts of the world. 

According to Kundra, a network of agent groups was created all over the world in order to track and prevent hacker attacks.



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