Court arrests one of Poroshenko’s main enterprises

Court arrests one of Poroshenko’s main enterprises
Petro Poroshenko

The decision was made in the case on money laundering and tax evasion.

Kiev’s Pechersky District Court arrested the property and corporate rights of the Kuznitsa na Rybalskom shipyard, one of the main enterprises of the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, lawyer Andrey Portnov, the former deputy head of the Presidential Administration under Viktor Yanukovych, announced on his Telegram channel. 

“The seizure of assets took place in the framework of the criminal proceedings initiated by my application on the legalization and laundering of criminal proceeds and tax evasion. The main defendants in the case are Poroshenko and Tigipko,” Portnov wrote.

Since 2014, the plant has been actively fulfilling military government orders. In 2017, the border service received four armored personnel carriers from the enterprise for 60 million hryvnias ($ 2,4 million), for which it was planned to buy 12 combat vehicles. After this incident, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau became interested in the enterprise.

In the fall of 2018, Kuznitsa na Rybalskom was sold to businessman Sergey Tigipko for $ 300,01 million. Prior to this, the enterprise belonged to Poroshenko's investment funds (73.9% share) and Igor Kononenko, the People’s Deputy from the Petro Poroshenko’s Block Party (20.1 %). According to Bihus.Info, before the sale of the shipyard, its owners siphoned off more than 60 thousand square meters of real estate.

In 2019, Petro Poroshenko was accused of trying to usurp the judiciary, high treason, money laundering, abuse of power, money laundering to offshore jurisdictions, tax evasion, as well as a forgery on the formation in 2016 of a coalition of parliamentary factions and the illegal appointment of the government. Six criminal cases have been filed following Portnov’s allegations.



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