CNN: guards ignored Epstein's ward CCTV

CNN: guards ignored Epstein's ward CCTV
Jeffery Epstein

If proved, they face criminal prosecution.

Jeffrey Epstein’s cell was not adequately controlled on the night he committed suicide. CNN reports with reference to a source close to the investigation.

According to the TV channel, the guards had to go around the wards every half an hour. At the same time, they were obliged to make sure that everything is alright with the prisoner, even if he was sleeping. A CNN source also indicates that Epstein previously had a cellmate, but he was displaced.

The channel’s interlocutor notes that if it turns out that the guards falsified documents, they face criminal prosecution.

Recall that Epstein was detained on July 6 in New York. He was accused of creating a criminal network that allowed him to exploit and mock dozens of underage girls sexually. The billionaire committed his crimes in 2002-2005. The victims were 14 years old. Epstein was also charged with bribery.

The body of the billionaire was found on Saturday morning, August 10. In July, Epstein has already tried to commit suicide.



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