Climate change activists spray “blood” on London Treasury

Climate change activists spray “blood” on London Treasury

Police have arrested three men and a woman.

The police arrested four people who had flooded the building of HM Treasury in London with red paint, London police reported on Twitter.

“Police were called at 10.17 to Horse Guards Rd #SW1. People on a privately owned fire engine had sprayed a liquid at the Treasury building. No reported injuries. 3 men and 1 woman were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage,” the report said.

According to Sky News, activists of the British environmental movement Extinction Rebellion unfurled a poster urging the authorities to “stop funding climate deaths” and poured almost two thousand liters of “fake blood” onto the building’s facade.

According to the detainees, they used washable food-grade paint. What they wanted to show was the inconsistency of the government, which speaks of itself as a leader in the fight against climate issues, while investing a huge amount of money in the development of mineral deposits and carbon-intensive projects.

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