Clergyman’s stepson does shooting at wedding in a temple

Clergyman’s stepson does shooting at wedding in a temple
Picture from the accident scene

According to investigators, the man avenged his stepfather’s death.

In American New Hampshire, Dale Holloway did the shooting at a temple during a wedding.

37-year-old native of Pelham attended the wedding ceremony of Claire McMullen and Mark Castiglione. A few minutes later, he fired at 75-year-old bishop Stanley Choate and the 60-year-old bride. The clergyman was hit in the chest, and the woman was shot in the arm. Although the groom was not shot, he was also injured in a general panic – the doctors who arrived at the scene diagnosed him with a closed head injury.

Guests neutralized the criminal and turned him in to the police.

The reason for the shooting was probably because another clergyman, who was the stepfather of the shooter, was found shot dead in his own house. The police believe this was a murder. The suspect is the 24-year-old son of the groom.

According to investigators, the massacre was revenge for the man’s murder.



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