Cannibal kills ex-girlfriend and eats her heart and brain

Cannibal kills ex-girlfriend and eats her heart and brain

Prior to this, his beloved had broken up with him.

American Joe Oberhansley is accused of the brutal murder of his former girlfriend Tammy Joe Blanton.

According to investigators, Oberhansley, 38, stabbed a 46-year-old girlfriend at her home in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Before that, the girl broke up with him, The Daily Mail reports. 

Blanton's corpse with carved brains, heart and lungs was found in September 2014. Also, the police found nearby a plate with the bones of the skull and blood. In the trash there were a frying pan and a pair of bloodied forceps. An autopsy revealed that the girl had died from multiple stab wounds.

The trial of Oberhansley will begin only on August 19, since the man was declared insane in October 2017. The American faces life imprisonment without the right to early release.

In court, Oberhansley has already been dubbed as a "cannibal killer." He himself rejects all charges and calls them "complete nonsense."

It is worth noting that Oberhansley was already convicted for the murder of his girlfriend in 1998, he also shot at his mother and sister, after which he tried to shoot himself in the head.



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