Bulgaria overturned sentence of Russian accused of killing child

Bulgaria overturned sentence of Russian accused of killing child
German Kostin Photo: YouTube

German Kostin was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The court of appeal in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia overturned the sentence on Russian German Kostin, who had previously been found guilty of the murder of a child, 5, and sentenced to life imprisonment, reports 24 Hours. The Kostin case was returned for a new trial.

According to the publication, the court concluded that the fundamental rights of a Russian had been violated, and Sofia City Court, which passed the verdict, "showed prejudice against the defendant."

The sentence was imposed on Kostin in July 2018. He was found guilty on all counts. The Russian himself did not admit his guilt. In the last plea, he said that he was deprived of the opportunity to defend himself since he could not study the details of the investigation in the case.

Kostin’s lawyer noted that the prosecution did not provide the court with a single objective fact, “only with indirect evidence.” According to the defender, the investigation did not even establish the exact time and place of the crime.

The boy's body with signs of violent death was found in a suitcase in a lake in the suburbs of Sofia in March 2015. The police found that death occurred between February 8 and 10, 2015.

Kostin’s DNA was found on the towel that covered the child. The prints of telephone conversations showed that at the time of the murder, his cell phone was in the area where the body was discovered. His car was also seen there.



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