British woman who raped 30 children to be released

British woman who raped 30 children to be released
Vanessa George

The exact number of Vanessa George’s victims is unknown.

“The most famous pedophile woman” Vanessa George is expected to be released in Great Britain. In 2009, she was accused of rape of 30 children who had been under her wing, reports Daily Mail.

George - who had worked in the kindergarten - had tortured children for 10 years. She refused to name the exact victims during the interrogation. The judge stated she had opened “new depth of vicious practices.”

George was sentenced to an “unidentified term” - at least 7 years. It means she can only be released in case the parole board decides she is no longer a threat for society.

When the verdict was being delivered, the judge said George’s term was “life in prison.” “I believe that many people would say it’s not too much for a person who did those awful things,” the judge stated.

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