Brazil closes fake Ferrari and Lamborghini assembly factory 

Brazil closes fake Ferrari and Lamborghini assembly factory

The company built a replica assembly of luxury sports cars in the Brazilian city of Itajai.

It should be noted that it is easy to find replicas of the most well-known brands of clothing, as well as any other expensive accessories in Brazil. However, the artisanal production of elite Italian sports cars surprised the public and the police.

Father and son mastered production in one of the premises of the Brazilian city of Itajai. Enthusiasts sold all their products through social networks by reservation. The cost of the replica was about 8% of the real car price.

By the way, the product was popular, since, in addition to the eight cars almost ready for shipment, the guardians of the order also found various spare parts, components, molds for casting parts and finishing materials.



It is also reported that representatives of Italian companies have already written a statement to the police. The organizers of the production have been accused and placed under house arrest under a written recognisance not to leave the place. It is not a grave crime.

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