Bodies of PMC Wagner fighters delivered to Vladimir Region from Mozambique

Bodies of PMC Wagner fighters delivered to Vladimir Region from Mozambique

Local private military companies of the South African country confirmed the presence of Russian mercenaries.

The bodies of the first mercenaries from PMC Wagner killed in Mozambique were delivered to the Vladimir Region, and impressive compensation was paid to their families, The Moscow Times reports, citing ataman of the Khovrino Cossack society Yevgeny Shabaev. The publication writes that the leaders of the African PMCs OAM and Black Hawk lost contracts for work in Mozambique because of the Russian competitor.

October 27, in the province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique, five Russian mercenaries were killed in an attack carried out by rebels, Carta de Mocambique writes. A number of experts suggested that the Russian fighters were not adapted to the “bush war” when it is impossible to use technological equipment.

Sources from The Moscow Times in the Mozambique army spoke of growing tensions between the local armed forces and the PMC Wagner. They “practically stopped joint patrolling,” the trust between the parties decreased, and the Russians allegedly did not understand the local culture.

The Wagner PMC is associated with entrepreneur Yevegeny Prigozhin. The mercenaries were seen in the Donbass, Syria, Libya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and several other African countries. The Kremlin denies the existence of the mercenaries. According to Russian law, mercenarism is a criminal offense.

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