Billionaire Epstein officially recognized as suicider

Billionaire Epstein officially recognized as suicider

The media previously reported that the man suspected of pedophilia could have been strangled.

Forensic experts have confirmed that the cause of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s death was suicide, Associated Press reported.

During his autopsy, experts revealed multiple neck fractures, including a hyoid bone fracture, according to The Washington Post. The publication noted that broken hyoid bone was usually found in those who were strangled. Forensic experts say that this can be the case with suicide, especially in older people.

The billionaire’s body was found on Saturday morning, August 10. The suicide of Epstein, who was accused of child sexual exploitation, raises serious questions, US Attorney General William Barr said. In July, Epstein was already found lying on the floor of his cell with marks on his neck. 

He was detained in New York on July 6. He was accused of creating a criminal network that allowed to sexually exploit and abuse dozens of underage girls. The billionaire committed his crimes in 2002-2005. The alleged victims were 14 years old. Epstein was also charged with bribery of witnesses.

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