Zhulebino schoolboy walking past guard, knife sticking out of backpack

Zhulebino schoolboy walking past guard, knife sticking out of backpack
Photo: Mash

Earlier it was reported that the school guards had noticed the weapon the student was carrying.

A video of Daniil Gorbatenko getting into the school has been uploaded online. Yesterday, the kid threatened to kill himself at school 1359 in the Moscow’s district of Zhulebino. The 16-year-old locked himself in a classroom and said he would hurt himself. Students were evacuated from school, and the classroom where the teenager locked himself was cordoned off. The mother and grandfather of the teenager helped the police to detain him.

The footage published on Mash shows Gorbatenko entering the school lobby with other students, diligently wiping his shoes and passing through the turnstile. There is a sharp object sticking out of his backpack, but apparently, it does not raise any suspicion from the guards. Perhaps, the knife was wrapped in something.

Video: CCTV footage of Gorbatenko walking into the school building

Meanwhile, RIA Novosti reported citing a source in the emergency services of Moscow that the security guard noticed the knife as the student was trying to get into the building. They allegedly took the weapon away; locked Gorbatenko in a room and called the police.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case of negligence. The investigators stressed that they are going to get a full picture of what happened and find out what made the high school student come to school with a weapon in the first place.

Daniil is known to have brought a knife to school before: about a week ago, he came with one but did not threaten anyone then. There was also an incident with the guard, when the student said he would cut off his ears in response to a rebuke about him not bringing his school shoes, Mash writes.

Note that the schoolboy’s neighbors say he is a timid boy who has never gotten into any troubles that they know of.

According to his mother, his behavior could have been caused by "headache pills" he has been taking lately.



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