Zhirinovsky urges media not to scavenger Kerch tragedy

Zhirinovsky urges media not to scavenger Kerch tragedy
Vladimir Zhirinovsky

According to the nationalist Liberal Democrats leader, showing the footage of students being shot at the polytechnic college was too much.

Head of the LDRP party Vladimir Zhirinovsky urged media not to scavenger the details of the Kerch tragedy and not to show the terrifying footage on TV. According to him, it will only provoke other teenagers to do a “remake.”

“Showing the footage of people being shot at the Kerch College was a mistake... Why make a new Russian Columbine out of the massacre, infecting more teenagers with the ‘bloodthirstiness virus’?” Zhirinovsky said.

He noted that we should not compare the tragedy in Kerch with the massacre at the American school Columbine in 1999, since this has become a household name and is now pushing troubled teenagers around the world to commit bloody “remakes.”

To recall, fourth-year student of the college Vladislav Roslyakov staged a massacre at the Kerch Polytechnic College. He blew up a bomb in the dining room of the institution, and then began to shoot classmates.

The tragedy claimed the lives of 21 people, 50 more were wounded. The media learned that prior to the tragedy, Vladislav Roslyakov burned his personal belongings, including notebooks, pictures, flash drives, a sim card, as well as the Bible. After the shooting, he killed himself.

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