Yury Vlasko promised to revenge on Metsenatovskie gang for his ‘authoritative’ father’s death on the eve of murder  

Yury Vlasko promised to revenge on Metsenatovskie gang for his ‘authoritative’ father’s death on the eve of murder
Yury Vlasko

The athlete outlived his father only by 7 years. Vladimir Vlasko was killed by a hit man in October 2010.⁠

On the eve of his death freestyle wrestler Yury Vlasko vowed to take revenge on the gangsters from Metsenatovskie group (the power wing of Osinovskie gang) for the death of his father Vladimir Vlasko, once known by the nickname Volodya Khokhol. In his time Volodya Khokhol was the leader of the group, which had control over road transportation, market Narodny, illegal mining of axe-stone and was one of the unwanted opponents of another Buryat ‘authority' Ilshat Ivanov, nicknamed Sadyk.

"According to our sources, familiar with the situation, a few days before his death, Yury swore to take revenge on the Chita gangsters for the death of his father. By a strange coincidence, he died after a while", - said the investigators of newspaper Vechorka.

The publication does not exclude the fact that Metsenatovskie could somehow be involved in the death of Yury Vlasko. Despite the fact that Metsenatovskiye and Osinovskie gangs were virtually defeated by 2010, and their leaders were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, it seems that former members of the bloody groups are still operating in Transbaikal. This is indicated by a series of strange deaths. Thus, in September 2016, the ex-lawyer of Metsenatovskie was shot. Earlier, 'authorities', who planned to tell the investigation about the undisclosed acts of the bandits, were also killed. Among the dead were Vadim Bychkov (Bychok), Igor Novikov (Bomzh), Konstantin Dubinnikov (Kostya Tatarin) and others.

When it comes to Transbaikal 'authority' Vladimir Vlasko, he and his driver were shot in October 2010 at the entrance of the house. According to The CrimeRussia, his rival in the criminal business, Ilshat Ivanov, nicknamed Sadyk, 'ordered' the 'authority'. The murder was executed by Metsenatovskie killer Andrey Dryunin (Dryunya). The criminal case hung at poise for a long time until the siloviki detained killer Drunya in 2015, who is still revealing to the investigation the acts of the Trans-Baikal gangs. Sadyk was rounded up earlier, in 2012, but on a different charge – group robbery, and sentenced to 3.8 years in a strict regime colony, however he was not officially charged with involvement in the murder of Volodya Khokhol. However, the sources of The CrimeRussia are convinced that Ivanov will nevertheless be involved as a suspect in the case on the murder of Vlasko Sr.

Володя Хохол

Volodya Khokhol's funeral

The 20-year-old son of Khokhol, unfortunately, was not also destined to die a natural death. As The CrimeRussia has previously reported, Yury Vlasko was slaughtered on the shore of Baikal in the early morning of July 29. The incident occurred near the village of Goryachinsk in the Baikal region of Buryatia, where the wrestler rested with his friends after the tournament. Vlasko was killed in a mass brawl, in which his fellow athletes, people from Dagestan, and local residents took part. The unarmed 20-year-old wrestler was stabbed and hit with a piece of steel on the head. The Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for Buryatia reported on the detention of two suspects in the murder. They were previously convicted men of 29 and 33 years. The suspects are charged with Murder (part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code). The men are imprisoned.

Video: Admissions of the murderer

Recently, Informpolis media outlet published a video, showing the massacre of the athlete. The camera captured how Vlasko (in a red sports uniform) stands in a crowd of men and talks about something without using physical force. The guy in a dark sports suit, who stands opposite the fighter, strikes a blow to the neck of the fighter with the back of his left hand, which causes the athlete to make a couple of steps back. Yury tried to respond and received another side blow to the neck. According to Investigative Committee's reports, the blow with the knife was made by a 33-year-old man. After the wounds received, Vlasko falls to the ground, where another 29-year-old boy literally beats him to death, inflicting blows on his head with his foot and reinforcement steel. After the attack of two men, Yury Vlasko fell flat on his face and no longer showed signs of being alive.

Video: The murder of Vlasko



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