Friend of Yury Vlasko was initiator of his murder in mass brawl  

Friend of Yury Vlasko was initiator of his murder in mass brawl
Yury Vlasko

According to an eyewitness, the individual who initiated the conflict had aggressively harassed a girl at a disco. Then, he gathered his friends traveling with Vlasko to ambush and punish the young man to stood up for her.

The Buryatian newspaper Nomer Odin has published details of the high-profile murder as reported by an eyewitness of the brawl that took place on the shore of Lake Baikal.

The eyewitness of the brawl near the village Goryachinsk, Pribaikalsky district contacted the newspaper and told them what happened prior to the murder on condition that he would remain anonymous (since he was afraid he might be killed otherwise), Nomer Odin reports.

The conflict and resulting murder was due to one of his fellow athletes who harassed a girl at a local party called From Dusk Till Dawn, according to the eyewitness. He then gathered his friends to beat the man who stood up for her.

"A good person died, a young athlete, this is a big loss not only for the world of sport but for his family as well. I heard the police arrested the 2 men who killed him. However, not everyone knows who initiated the conflict that resulted in the death of Yury Vlasko. I would like to tell you what really happened there," the eyewitness said.

A young man began harassing the woman who was at the party with a (female) friend at about 3 AM, according to the eyewitness, who also was in Goryachinsk at the time. It was an athletically built Buryatian wearing blue. The young man tried hugging her but she refused to be hugged. He then began cursing and pushed her fiercely causing her to violently knock against the railing. Another young man stood up for the girl. The two began arguing but others pulled them away from each other.

The eyewitness saw the second part of the conflict when on his way home with his girlfriend. Several young athletes were rapidly approaching the young man who stood up for the girl and his friend, according to him. Yury Vlasko and the man who initiated the conflict back at the party were among them.

The athletes attacked the guy who had earlier banged heads with the Buryatian and offered to meet the next day, according to the eyewitness. It was at this moment when two strangers who had been watching from a distance jumped in; a brawl broke out, resulting in Yury Vlasko being killed.


To recall, the incident occurred on July 29. The victim was a member of Russian junior wrestling team Yury Vlasko, who was spending his day off with his fellow athletes hailing from the Republic of Dagestan near the lake after having competed in a tournament in freestyle wrestling. 


Yury Vlasko was a master of sports in freestyle wrestling and champion of 2015 and 2016 European Championships, ALROSA International Cup, multiple tournaments held by the Buryatia Head, Russian Wrestling Cup, and international tournaments held in Iran and Turkey. Senior Russian wrestling team coach Anatoly Margiev said his death was "a big loss for the Russian wrestling" since the young man was "one of the most promising light heavyweight athletes."

The ICR Investigations Directorate in Buryatia has initiated a criminal case under Murder (part 1 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code). The police found and arrested suspects soon after. They have been charged with murder. They had been convicted of theft and robbery before. One of the offenders stabbed Yury Vlasko in the heart while another hit the athlete on the head with a metal rod at least 7 times, according to investigators who questioned the suspects and conducted examination.

Meanwhile, Yury Vlasko’s mother-in-law has recently told Russian Times about how the late athlete was "a kind boy and was not prone to conflict" and was all about sports. Meanwhile, the son of Transbaikal crime lord Vladimir Vlasko who was shot dead by a Metsenatovskie gang’s hitman in 2010 swore to avenge his father the day before his death, according to Vechorka, which also said it was possible the remaining Metsenatovskie OCG members might have been involved in the murder. 

Video: The moment of fighter Yury Vlasko's murder on Lake Baikal captured on video



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