Yulia Skripal tells about hope of returning to Russia

Yulia Skripal tells about hope of returning to Russia
Yulia Skripal Photo: Dylan Martinez / Reuters

The daughter of former military intelligence colonel Sergey Skripal gave the first interview after discharge.

The agency notes that the statement of the Yulia Skripal was prepared in advance and recorded on the camera – she did not answer any additional questions. But, nevertheless, this was the first open interview with Yulia Skripal after her discharge from Salisbury Hospital.

Skripal said that in the long term “she hopes to return to Russia,” but so far she, like her father, continues treatment.

“The very fact of using a nerve agent in this situation is shocking. We were very fortunate that we survived this assassination attempt. The recovery was slow and very painful. I do not want to go into details, I will only say that the treatment was invasive and deeply depressing,” she said, adding that “life turned upside down” and it is necessary to reconcile with it.

In her statement, Skripal once again thanked the doctors and expressed gratitude to the Russian embassy for their attention to the situation. She noted that the treatment was painful and depressing.

“We need time to fully recover and accept all that has happened,” concluded Skripal, noting that she was not yet ready to answer more detailed questions.

It is to be recalled that the attempt on the Skripals was committed on March 4 in the British Salisbury. As suggested by the investigation, the daughter and father were poisoned with nerve agent Novichok. Britain accused Russia of what happened. In mid-April, OPCW experts confirmed that it was Novichok that was used in Salisbury against the Skripals.

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