Yugra bank leadership suspected of withdrawing assets

Yugra bank leadership suspected of withdrawing assets
President of Yugra Bank Alexey Nefyodov

After the Central Bank's check, the credit and financial institution became a subject of interest of law enforcement agencies.

The Central Bank suspected Yugra Bank of withdrawal of assets. Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev stated that the regulator reported about the signs of machinations revealed by the regulator to the law enforcement bodies.

"There are grounds, I will not disclose the details of our appeals now. We sent the appeals to law enforcement agencies. They concern the activities of the Bank", Pozdyshev said.

According to Pozdyshev, the regulator revealed signs of unreliability of the reports filed by Yugra Bank and the possible withdrawal of assets. Pozdyshev, in particular, noted that after a restriction to attract depositors' funds had been issued to Yugra, the bank resorted to a trick: the credit and financial institution, issued deposits together with one share of the bank, circumventing restrictions of the Bank of Russia to accept deposits from the population.

According to Anna Orlenko, Director of the Banking Supervision Department of the Central Bank, the amount of manipulations with depositors using the shares was at least 1.88 billion rubles ($31.1m) in Yugra. And in June 2017 the legal entities withdrew almost all their funds from the Bank – 45 billion rubles ($745.4m).

As The CrimeRussia has previously reported, on July 10 the Bank of Russia introduced an interim administration to Jugra Bank "due to the unstable financial position of the institution and the presence of a threat to the interests of its creditors and investors". The regulator assigned the functions of the interim administration to the state corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Specialists of the DIA are to decide whether it is possible to restore (reorganize) the Bank or the license will have to be revoked, and through which banks they should begin paying out deposits to individuals and individual entrepreneurs. Payments will start already on July 24.

More than 180 billion rubles ($2.9bn) became stuck on the accounts of citizens in Yugra – an unprecedented amount for the deposit insurance system. The current record of DIA payments is almost three times less: in February 2016 the Central Bank revoked the license from Interkommerts Bank, where 64 billion rubles ($1bn) were stuck.

The president of bank Yugra Alexey Nefyodov called the situation around the credit institution "incomprehensible". Nefyodov noted that the bank had fulfilled all the ratios of the Central Bank and had full liquidity.

"So for us this is also a news, as, probably, for the whole market", he told RNS.


Bank Yugra was founded in 1990. Yugra became one of the largest Russian private banks. In terms of assets, it is the 30th in the country, in terms of the volume of deposits of the population – the 15th. The majority shareholder of the Bank is dollar multimillionaire Alexey Khotin, who controls 52.5% of the capital of the credit institution. Since early 2017 Khotin has contributed more than 25 billion rubles ($414.1m) to Yugra 's capital through his Radamant Financial.



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