YouTube channel blocked for video showing Federal Protection Service cars 

YouTube channel blocked for video showing Federal Protection Service cars

Dvizhenietv YouTube channel, used by conscious drivers to post videos of traffic violations, has been blocked in the territory of the Russian Federation.

As Ilya Varlamov wrote in his blog, in the opinion of project coordinator Andrey Filin, the blocking of this YouTube channel is illegal.


Bloggers are sure that the channel was blocked due to the publication of a video showing Federal Protection Service (FSO) cars violating traffic rules.

It is noteworthy that September 12, the police detained two activist supporters of the project – Andrey Orel and Anton Yarov – for shooting this video. The incident took place in the center of Moscow on the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge on the side of Serafimovich Street. That is where a special-purpose garage is located.


According to Andrey Filin, "this place is used for parking of special cars, namely those of the FSO." Dvizhenietv supporters decided to raid the location and catch motorists violating traffic regulations and parking on the sidewalks. As a result, the drivers and the garage guard were threatening them while they were filming the video.

The Dvizhenietv coordinator also added that the activists reported the parking violations to the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate. After this, a tow truck arrived at the site of the violation to tow the improperly parked car. A few minutes later, a police squad arrived and detained the activists.



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