Young man retracts testimony about police brutality against Buryat officers

Young man retracts testimony about police brutality against Buryat officers
Junior Detective of the MIA Criminal Investigation Department Zhargal Zamyanov Photo: Arigus TV

A friend of late Nikita Kobelev, Dmitry Tutynin, stated at the hearing on the extension of detention period for police officers that he had wrong-footed them.

The high-profile case of the tragic detention of two teens in Buryatia received an unexpected turn. Dmitry Tutynin, a friend of the deceased Nikita Kobelev, who died under mysterious circumstances, said that he had slandered the police officers.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, on June 8, the police officers arrested two teenagers accused of stealing a bicycle. The 17-year-old Kobelev had died in unclear circumstances, while Tutynin, as he claimed, had been tortured in one of the police stations. Five officers were arrested in what the media dubbed as Nikita Kobelev’s case - Sergey Plotnikov, Andrey Pavlov and Anatoly Oloktonov (in the Kobelev’s case), Valentin Smolin, and Zhargal Zamyanov (in the Tutynin’s case). Police officers have been charged with abuse of official powers.


Photo: Senior Detective Valentin Smolin

On August 5, at the court hearing on the extension of detention period for police officers, Dmitry Tutynin suddenly changed his testimony. He said that the detained officers had not been involved in torture in the police department.

"I said that I was taken into the basement and out by V.A. Smolin and Z.T. Zamyanov, because I had ssen only those officers in the store during the arrest, I have not seen other employees in the face. <...> I was angry at the time of the arrest and slandered them. <...> I realized that I had made a mistake by slandering them and that it could do damage to an innocent person," Arigus TV quoted Tutynin as saying.

Tutynin’s interests in court are now represented by the lawyer Dmitry Tushemilov. The attorney said that Tutynin spoke to him regarding the identification process, and that he provided him appropriate consultation. When asked by Arigus TV if he had concluded some sort of agreement with the police, Tutynin refused to answer.

Marina Kobeleva, the mother of the deceased boy, believed that Dmitry Tutynin was under pressure. She claims that the young man could be intimidated, otherwise Tutynin would not change the testimony.

Despite the new developments, the special investigator Tsyren Tsyrempilov insisted on extending the detention period for the police officers. The investigator stated that while at liberty, the accused may put pressure on the victims and destroy the evidence, which has not been obtained yet.

The judge granted the request and extended the measure of restraint for Smolin and Zamyanov until the end of the preliminary investigation. The other three police officers would also remain in custody until November 9. Their case were heard earlier.



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