“You’ll be in so much trouble.” Kemerovo policeman bite traffic police officers and threatened to kill them 

“You’ll be in so much trouble.” Kemerovo policeman bite traffic police officers and threatened to kill them
Escort officer has already been asked to resign by his own volition Photo: Still from the video shot by operatives

The CrimeRussia has come into possession of an exclusive video and details of an incident, which took place in Kemerovo. A drunken driver tried to run away from the traffic police, and when he was caught up, he bite and kicked the inspectors. When the brawler was handcuffed and the police officers began filing a report, it turned out that the former was a policeman himself. The offender threatened to cause the officers trouble.

Criminal cases under Art. 318 of the Russian Criminal Code (Use of Violence against a Representative of the Power) have become one of the most popular in the courts of the Kemerovo region in recent years. Such crimes are recorded in the operational reports almost every week. It seems that nearly every tenth inhabitant of the region is committed to insult or hit a policeman. The traffic police leads the list of victims of people’s abuse. Nevertheless, the criminal case to be considered in the Zavodskoy District Court of Kemerovo this week is unique in its own way. It was their fellow colleague, who attacked the traffic police officers.

The events took place in September. At the beginning of the month, the drunken 20-year-old Kemerovo local Ivan Smirnov was driving home at night. The car was wagging from side to side on the roadway, so it drew the attention of traffic inspectors. The driver ignored their demand to stop. There was a pursuit, but Smirnov kept going, stopping only at the gate of his house. The police asked him to produce his papers, the offender agreed, but was playing for time and tried to run into the house. The inspectors prevented him from doing it; however, Smirnov was not going down without a fight. In just a few seconds, he managed to bite the hand of one employee and kick another. He stopped resisting only when the handcuffs clicked. Then the detainee began making verbal threats. Once in the patrol car, he started threatening inspectors with trouble. He promised to set on reprisal and serious problems at work. He never showed the documents, so the police had to look up his ID by entering his license plate number in the database. It yielded a surprising result – the drunken brawler turned out to be a police officer, namely an escort guard of a separate battalion for the protection and escorting of accused and suspects under the Ministry of Internal Affairs Office in Kemerovo.

He has served as one for two years. The irony is that it is this service that delivers the accused persons, including those who attack police, to the court. The detainee, of all people, should be well aware of the consequences of such crimes. But the trouble-maker decided he could put on airs, so he went on providing a graphic account on the results of his detention. Although, prior to that, he acquainted the policemen with his own version of the Criminal Code and the Police Act, according to which it is forbidden to put handcuffs on the current law enforcement officer. Moreover, Smirnov had his own vision of the rules of filling a report and appointment card to medical examination. He crossed out all the lines in the latter document, explaining that he decided to benefit from Article of the Constitution, according to which one may not incriminate oneself. In addition, Smirnov asked to call his commander and demanded a free lawyer, not provided under the law in case of administrative offenses. On top of that, he promised the officers that a criminal case under Abuse of Power would be brought against them.

The drunken escort officer promised that the employees who refused to let him go would be sent to prison, and even voiced the names of judges who would bring in the verdict of guilty. Smirnov thus amused for several hours, until he was taken to the police department. But thanks to the car dash camera, it will now be the drunken driver who will be in trouble, rather than the traffic police officers, despite the detainee’s promises. The Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case under Art. 318 of the Russian Criminal Code (Use of Violence against a Representative of the Power) against the trouble-maker. Immediately after that, the escort officer was asked to resign from the bodies by his own volition. He was also deprived of his driving license for two years, because he had refused to undergo a medical examination. The case of resistance to traffic police inspectors has been referred to court. Smirnov does not plead guilty, despite the eyewitnesses’ testimony and many hours of car dash camera recording. However, according to competent sources, if the injured party agrees to conciliation during the trial, he will change his testimony.

Now the police officer faces up to 5 years in prison.

A few months ago, two traffic police officers, Kirill Neshev and Nikolay Lebedev, were convicted under the same article in Kemerovo. In April 2015, they beat an under-age passenger of a taxi during the detention of an offender taxi driver. During the investigation, the traffic police officers tried to launch an information war against the beaten teenager’s family and the Investigative Committee. They claimed that their arrest was arbitrary, since the boy’s relatives had great connections, so the policemen’s legitimate actions were turned against them. As a result, the two policemen received real sentences.

Curiously enough, Kemerovo traffic police officers get bitten on a regularly basis. November 28, a drunken driver also tried to bite an inspector when he realized that it had been decided to fine-park his car. First, he pulled out the keys and tried to swallow them, but when traffic police officers tried to stop it, the drunken car owner started biting. The car was eventually sent to the impound; the hard-bitten offender is awaiting trial.

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