“You don’t belong here, hajis”: mass brawl between taxi driver at Sheremetyevo 

“You don’t belong here, hajis”: mass brawl between taxi driver at Sheremetyevo

Guards were jumping on taxi cars.

On Friday, there was a mass brawl in the parking lot of Terminal F at the Sheremetyevo Airport.

According to media, a fight ensued between taxi drivers, as a result of which several people were injured. A video of the brawl has appeared on the Web.

Video: Taxi drivers brawling at Sheremetyevo Airport

Later, a video from the scene of the incident was published on the Black Moscow Taxi Youtube channel, in which the author of the video interviews the migrant drivers injured in the fight. According to them, taxi drivers did not fight each other; it was drunken security officers of the airport who instigated the conflict.

According to the taxi drivers, one of the guards said “You don’t belong here, hajis.” The author of the video noted that the head of one of the migrants was smashed with a gun. He also showed a beaten-up car. According to the taxi drivers, an employee of the rapid response team jumped on it. Allegedly, another guard chased migrants with a knife.

Taxi drivers also added that the guards were in civilian clothes, but put on their uniform when the police arrived.

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