Yelets: criminals start knife fight in nightclub, after which beat one of victims in hospital

Yelets: criminals start knife fight in nightclub, after which beat one of victims in hospital

It is reported that the local kingpin Oleg Chukardin was involved in the incident.

In a nightclub in Yelets, the Lipetsk Region, a knife fight occurred, after which one of the victims was beaten right in the hospital. Videos of both fights, taken by surveillance cameras, were published by Telegram channel Mash.

According to, the conflict occurred in the club called Rigel. A fight broke out between two groups of people, during which one of them stabbed his opponent in the stomach with a knife. Employees of the venue called the police and ambulance. The victim was hospitalized in the City Hospital No. 1.

The second part of the video shows a group of men attacking a patient on a gurney and brutally beating him. At the same time, others do not try to stand up for the victim, but only observe what is happening.

Mash reports that on both videos, the gang of local kingpin Oleg Chukardin is present. People in the city are allegedly afraid of Chukardin, so no one tried to stop him in the hospital. The police, says Mash, consider the kingpin to be the victims in the fight that occurred in the club.

The head of the press service of the Lipetsk Region MIA, Natalya Maslakova, denied this information, reports LipetskMedia. According to her, at the moment, law enforcers only establish all the circumstances of what happened. The procedural decision will be made after the investigation.

Earlier, TV channel Rossiya reported about the splicing of the police and the criminal environment in Yelets. Such conclusions were made after the police beat visitors of the café Kara-Kum on November 18, 2017. According to journalists, the attack was organized by Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Mosin, the spouse of the sister of the owner of the restaurant Yelets and the cafe called Leto Club, Igor Ivanov, whom the television channel calls a mafia lord. Journalists believe that Mosin's “purge” in the cafe helped Ivanov get rid of his competitors

According to the member of the regional council, Pavel Evgrafov, the special operation in the cafe Kara-Kum was the security forces’ attempt to avenge for the attack of members of the Yelets OCG Tsygane (Gypsies) on the nightclub Rigel on November 5, 2017. Then, security guards of the club and a police officer were injured.



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