Yekaterinburg: students expected to protest against construction of St. Catherine Church

Yekaterinburg: students expected to protest against construction of St. Catherine Church
Rally against the construction of the church in Yekaterinburg

Political analysts believe that teenagers may be gathered for a rally on the 'Day of Farewell Bell.’

Protests against the construction of the Church of St. Catherine with the participation of school students are expected to be held in Yekaterinburg at the end of May, Political Analyst Aleksey Shvaygert told

According to him, the peak activity will be in the period of the ‘Farewell Bell’ days. After this, the protests will take a political and pre-elections nature. Shvaygert stresses that tens of thousands of high school graduates can take to the streets.

“At the end of May, the weather is usually good, young people are euphoric, their endorphins ‘bloom.’ They want some action. And, quite likely, they will protest by the wall around the site where the construction of the church is about to begin,” the expert believes.

According to the political analyst, the decision to install a concrete fence around the construction site instead of a light iron is erroneous. The protesters can easily demolish the latter. For example, the other day, part of the fence was thrown into the Iset River. “By turning the construction site into an impregnable fortress, the developers provoke the protesters to its siege,” the political consultant believes.

Aleksey Shvaygert expects further politicization of the protest and its self-organization into a formal or informal structure that will influence the upcoming elections. For example, he does not exclude that many participants in today's protests will be personally nominated to participate in elections to all bodies.

In turn, Head of the Sotsium Foundation, Aleksandr Dolganov, is sure that the protests will eventually decline. He also expects the recent events will affect the outcome of the upcoming election campaigns.



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