Yekaterinburg square rally fence breaker evicted from apartment

Yekaterinburg square rally fence breaker evicted from apartment
Alyona Smyshlyaeva

Alyona Smyshlyaeva was not paying her mortgage.

Alyona Smyshlyaeva of Yekaterinburg and her husband had to leave their apartment at the bank’s demand since the couple had not been paying the mortgage for four years. The news is reported by

Smyshlyaeva is known for repeatedly coming to the Yekaterinburg protests and even breaking the fence around the site for the future Church of St. Catherine, as well as climbing a tree. Rosgvardiya’s soldiers took her off the branches by the leg. A fine for “Forcible penetration into a protected area” was imposed on her. That act is believed to have been the beginning of the great confrontation between the city and the Russian Orthodox Church over the square.

Alyona Smyshlyaeva said that she got a mortgage on the Melkovskaya Street apartment in 2010. Then she broke up with her husband, and he left abroad. Smyshlyaeva has not been paying Raiffeisenbank since 2015.

“I’m a PR expert, and my services are not in demand now, so I work temporarily here and there. I’ve lived without hot water for years, since I’ve had utility debts. I was in litigation with the bank for years, and eventually they just took away the apartment and auctioned it off,” the woman said.

According to the woman, the bailiffs came to her place in the morning and broke into while she was washing her hair. Movers and the new owner were there, too.

“I thought I’d just run out into the hall, but they wouldn’t let me go out there naked as I was, they twisted my arms and held me by force,” Smyshlyaeva continues.

The woman’s property was taken out to the hall. Alyona claims jewelry that she had inherited from her jeweler father has been missing since. Her furniture is at her sister’s now, her two sons are with their grandmother, and Alyona spends nights at her friends’. She does not want to accept it and is going to continue the litigation to get the apartment back.



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