Yekaterinburg protesters stage Maidan after clashes with riot police 

Yekaterinburg protesters stage Maidan after clashes with riot police

One of the activists was hospitalized; at least five people were detained.

Yekaterinburg faces the action against the erection of the temple and for the preservation of the city square. Riot police officers and unknown people snatched several activists from the crowd, reports, one broke a rib and was hospitalized. According to TASS, five people were detained.

“The protesters threw plastic bottles into the security forces; there are fights between protesters and guards. Detentions have been going on for a long time,” said Vladimir Zhabrikov, a photographer of the Ural edition.

After clashes with the police, a group of activists began to jump, shouting: "Those who do not jump, are for the temple." Such chants spread after the protests during the Euromaidan, where Ukrainians shouted: "Those who do not jump, are Moskal."

Recall that the metallurgical companies RCC and UMMC intend to build the church of St. Catherine in Yekaterinburg, and it is necessary to fell the square near the city pond. On May 13, residents gathered at the Drama Theater for an uncoordinated protest action, which was not terminated even at night.



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