Yekaterinburg: Police looks for missing attorney and Moscow entrepreneur 

Yekaterinburg: Police looks for missing attorney and Moscow entrepreneur
Beslan Nauruzov

The Yekaterinburg police is looking for an attorney and an entrepreneur who went missing under strange circumstances. The families of the two men are also looking for them.

Both the police and families are looking for Yekaterinburg attorney Aleksey Koshcheev and Beslan Nauruzov hailing from the Republic of Ingushetia. They went missing in the Ural region in late May.

38-year-old Beslan Nauruzov used to run business in Moscow, according to the media. The man went to Yekaterinburg on May 19. He was going to discuss possible partnership with his acquaintance Aleksey Tikhonov. He stayed in the Ural Hotel.

The police questioned the Hotel employees and found out Nauruzov last visited it on May 25. The entrepreneur left the Hotel about 3 PM that day, according to CCTV footage. He was accompanied by attorney Aleksey Koshcheev. The two men were long-term business partners.


Aleksey Koshcheev

The men went towards the Yekaterinburg Pre-Trial Detention Facility No. 1. They got into a GAZelle driven by Aleksey Tikhonov and went to his office in the Town of Aramil.

Nauruzov and Tikhonov wanted to start a joint business in the Moscow region back in the day, as it turned out. However, Tikhonov had let his Moscow partner down and ended up owing him 1.6 million rubles. First, he claimed he had 10 million rubles that 'got stuck' somewhere. He asked Nauruzov for help, promising to pay him back later.


Aleksey Tikhonov

Tikhonov paid Nauruzov back 600,000 rubles ($10.5 thousand) in the Aramil office. The Moscow entrepreneur and Koshcheev went to a café after that. They called Tikhonov after a while and asked him to give them a ride to a bus stop on Kosmonavtov Street, Aramil. Nauruzov called a friend of his around 8 PM. They agreed to meet in Yekaterinburg at 9 PM. However, he did not show up. It is worth mentioning that Koshcheev’s mobile phone went out of range around 8:15 PM.

Nauzurov’s family believes Tikhonov has something to do with his disappearance. They are in Yekaterinburg now and are looking for Nauruzov on their own. “We have been looking for him for a week. We have no hope left by now. All we hope for is to recover his body to send it to Ingushetia,” his family said.

Tikhonov seemed suspicious during the meeting, according to the family. His hands looked as if they were sliced with a knife. Moreover, he disappeared after meeting Nauruzov’s family.

The police confirmed Nauruzov went missing. It was the Hotel administration who filed a report of him missing to the police; he did not show up by the time of his check-out. As for Koshcheev, no one reported him being missing. However, his colleagues confirmed he has been absent from work for a while.



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